Heerlijk water – WML

The magazine Heerlijk water van WML ( Water company Limburg) comes out 4 times a year in a edition of 400.000 copies en being spread over every household in the province Limburg in The Netherlands.

The magazine shows every edition an article about an artist who’s work is in someway connected with the theme water. In the summer edition of 2009 there was a very nice article in it about the project Life in the gutter. Chantal was being interviewed by Eliane Mans and photographed by Bert Janssen.

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The foudation Kunstgebouw has developed in 2010 three new expositions for Kunstmenu, and will be travelling for 4 years to all the classrooms of the elementary schools in province Zuid-Holland in the Netherlands. Life in the gutter is one of these projects. The project Life in the gutter is being translated into an education programme for children at the elementary school grade 5 and 6. In a playful way it introduces the students to art.

On the website you can see an interactive programme for students. During the year the can show there photo’s here of the things the made in the classroom. You can also see a short movie of the artist Chantal Veugen.
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19 January 2010 the projects where presentated to the province Zuid-Holland.
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Every year the art fair Kunsttour is being held. At different locations in the city Maastricht artists present there work. In Mei 2009 this event was being held for the tenth time. Chantal presented here work at the Timmerfabriek.

Radio Kunsttour made recordings during the Kunsttour and interviewed some artist about there work. Chantal Veugen was also interviewed. To listen to the radio programme (Dutch) click here

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Pecha Kucha

In 2009 Chantal Veugen presented the project Life in the gutter during the Pecha Kucha evening in Maastricht. In 2012 she presented another project “Monkey problems”

Pecha Kucha originates from Japan. The idea is that it does not take a long time to explain a good idea. Artist, Architect etc. Present there work, idea, fantasy in 20×20 seconds and show 20 pictures with it.

On the Pecha Kucha night 12 speakers will present there work with different subjects. Pecha kucha nights are held all over the world and sinds Januari 2009 also held in Maastricht. Because it is an international event all the presentations are held in Englisch. More then 300 people have attended the event.

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